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Volume RangeUpdated 3 months ago

What are the key ingredients in your volume formula?

Our volume range products is based on an active technology enriched in lipids and amino- acids. Our unique technology is sourced with natural nourishing ingredients such as Linder Bud extract and Olive stem cell extract.

Why did you choose those ingredients?

Those ingredients were chosen for their renown efficacy in hair volume and moisturization while being gentle to the hair. They are also vegan, cruelty free and made without silicone or sulphate and naturally derived ingredients which fit are our core values.

Could you advise me on the best pairing of your volume range products?


Regular wash day routine:

All hair textures I Full Body Weightless Cleanser + Full Body Milk conditioner + Plump & Hydrate Leave-In

Once a week for deep conditioning:

Fine to medium hair texture I Full Body Weightless Cleanser + Hydro Creme Soothing Mask

Medium to coarser hair texture I Full Body Weightless Cleanser + Double Cream Deep Quencher


Light Hold I All textures I Root Boost Uplifting Spray +Full Body Volumizing Lotion / Bouncy Strength Volume Foam

Medium Hold I All textures I Root Boost Uplifting Spray + Full Body Volumizing Lotion + Invincible Volume Mousse / Hydro Style Flexi Jelly

Strong Hold I All textures I Invincible Volume Mousse + In Shower Style fixer / Shine Gel ( fragrance-free) ( glazing over)

What is the difference between your volume range and the Bouncy Strength Volume Foam?

While the Bouncy Strength Volume Foam offers some volume benefits, it is primarily a styler designed for hair with medium to high porosity as it is enriched with proteins.

Why do some of your products in the volume range contain Isopropyl alcohol as it Is not curly girl friendly?

Isopropyl alcohol also known as IPA is tiny bi-product of BTAC (Behentrimonium Chloride). This is an amazing conditioning ingredient used in many cosmetic products due to its great conditioning properties. IPA is part of a carrier system of this conditioner and at a very very low level so will it will not dry the hair as it’s a deep conditioning ingredient - it’s part of it to ensure it mixes well.

Why is the Invincible Volume Mousse containing sodium alpha olefin sulphonate which is seen as non curly girl friendly ingredient? Is it a sulphate?

The Invincible Volume Mousse does not contain any sulphate. Sodium alpha olefin sulphonate is actually a sulphonate. Sulphonates ( sulfonates) are a class of materials used to create an aesthetically pleasing foam without the negatives commonly associated with sulphates.

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