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Why do you use Phenoxyethanol in your products?Updated 2 years ago

Phenoxyethanol has been tested and reviewed recently by the European Scientific

Committee on Consumer Safety, which has confirmed it is safe to use as a preservative in

cosmetics in a concentration below 1%. You can see their full review at the following link 

All our products contain much less than 1% Phenoxyethanol, as you can see from the fact

that it is always very close to the bottom of our INCI list. The reason why we use

Phenoxyethanol is that it is one of the most stable preservatives out there - this means

that it will allow your products to last longer without going bad or mouldy, which can often

happen in the humid bathroom environment. Please rest assured that the safety of our

products is of utmost importance to us, and we work with worldwide chemists to ensure

that only the best and most effective ingredients are used in our formulas.

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