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Difference Between Cleansers

We have 4 different sulfate-free cleansers, which provide different benefits and different intensities of. cleansing power:. - Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash is a cleansing conditioner. It’s a very gentle cleanser that moisturises and detangles wit

Difference Between Conditioners

The base formula of our conditioners is similar, so they will both provide the same level of. slip and moisture. However, they have different ingredients that provide slightly different. benefits:. - Our Post Biotic Calming Conditioner has a fresh, t

Difference Between Deep Conditioners

- The Double Cream Quencher is an intense moisturising product. enriched with. Resurrection Flower and Andiroba to deeply nourish your curls. We recommend it for those with. For medium and coarse dry hair. (protein-free). - The Hydro Creme Soothing M

Difference Between Leave-In Conditioners

Our leave-in conditioners mainly differ in their texture and moisturising properties. Lightweight formulas are best for finer hair types, while thicker formulas are great for. Medium to coarse hair. - Moisture Memory Reactivator is our lightest leave

Difference Between Styling Products

Our styling products differ mainly in texture and hold level. Depending on your hair type,. you can combine several stylers together to achieve even better results!. - Hold Me Softly Style Balm is a soft hold styling cream. It doesn’t create any cast

Moisture Memory Reactivator

The Moisture Memory Reactivator can be used in two ways:. - as a primer on wash day, to add a bit of moisture before a styling product;. - as a refresher in between washes, on dry or damp hair (either spraying it directly on the. hair or spraying it

Elixir & Booster

Our study shows results mainly for Androgenic Alopecia, but we have positive feedback also. from many people with Traction Alopecia.

Conditioning Wash

Is this the first time you use a co-wash instead of a traditional shampoo? Sometimes our. hair needs a bit of time to get used to the change of formula. Co-washes and traditional. shampoos cleanse the hair in a very different way. Shampoos have a hig

Wash & Scrub

This product is a clarifying shampoo. It has been designed to provide deep cleansing to your. scalp, and therefore should only be used every 4-5 washes or it might dry the hair out. Think. about it as a clay mask for your face – you wouldn’t use that

Wet Look

That’s the way styling products work! They create a cast on your curls, which traps. moisture inside and gives definition. This action is fundamental to keep frizz at bay, and the. stronger the cast, the stronger frizz protection the product will pro

Detox Kit

To be honest, it really depends on your hair and your wash routine. If you wash your hair. every day, you could use the system once a week. If you wash your hair once a week, you. could use the system once a month. It’s very flexible, you can experim

Products for Men

Of course! All of our products can be used by any gender. We have many men who are. proud Curlsmith ambassadors, you can see some of their pictures on our Instagram page. If. you don’t like particularly sweet/fruity scents, check out our fragrance-fr

Products for Kids

All our products can be used on children above 3 years old. When it comes to children, we always recommend starting with a simple routine. Use the Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash to gently cleanse and detangle, without making their eyes sting. Then

Products for Pregnant Women

All our products are created with ultra-safe and naturally derived ingredients, but just to be. on the safe side we do recommend checking in with your doctor before starting to use any. new products!

Hair Makeup on Dark/Black Hair

Yes, absolutely! Our Hair Makeup is not a dye, so it doesn’t alter the structure of your hair. Think about it like a cream eyeshadow - it just deposits a fun layer of color around your hair. shaft, without modifying its core. That’s why it works on a

Hair Makeup on Bleached Hair

Absolutely not! Our Hair Makeup has zero dyes in it, which means that it won’t affect the. structure or colour of your hair in any way. Think about it like a cream eyeshadow - it will only. deposit a fun layer of colour around your hair shaft, but as

Hair Makeup Transfer

Nope - once fully dry the gel is transfer-proof! You might see a little shimmer dust coming. off If you are scrunching/fluffing too vigorously, but for any regular day to day activity you. shouldn’t see any transfer. You only have to pay a little att

Hair Makeup Everyday

Absolutely yes! The Hair Makeup is created using the base of our cult favourite In-Shower Style Fixer, so you can use it as often as you would a regular styling gel!

Applying Hair Makeup

We recommend applying it on damp/wet hair (though not dripping wet), as this will allow an. easier application and it will cover all locks evenly. However, you can apply it on single dry curls to add a pop of even brighter and more intense. Color!

Itchy Scalp

Do you use the co-wash as your regular cleanser? If you tend to have a very sensitive scalp,. Strictly co-washing may become difficult. If there is still product buildup left in your hair. after you wash, it may begin to irritate your scalp. If you f